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Compte rendu critique de l’article de Kwon, K., Park, S. J., Shin, S., et Chang, Y. C. (2019). Effects of different types of instructor comments in online discussions. Distance Education, 40(2).
Compte rendu critique de l’article de Walker, S., Olney, T., Wood, C., Clarke, A. et Dunworth M.(2018). How do tutors use data to support their students ? Open Learning: The Journal of Open, Distance and e-Learning, 1(34), 118-133.
Mot(s)-clé(s) : Tutorat
Un compte-rendu critique de Anderson, S.K., Grave, S. et Terras, K. (2022). The Student Voice: Recommendations for Supporting the Success of Graduate Students with Disabilities in Online Courses. American Journal of Distance Education.
Un compte-rendu critique de Kumar, S., Pollard, R., Johnson, M. et Ağaçlı-Doğan, N. (2021). Online research group supervision: Structure, support and community. Innovations in Education and Teaching International. 58(6), 647-658.